Enjoy the special 'Tyrolean hat'

This hat is not an ordinary one which you put on your head! No, it's a very special culinary delight after an adventurous day outdoor. It's THE social culinary experience with delicious, different tidbits!


An iron hat is put in the middle of the table. It's heated and a hearty beef broth with delicious vegetable is filled into the hat brim. Then everybody puts the prepared meat on the hot hat just as he/she likes and lets it fry for a while. Afterwards you enjoy it with delicious dips, jacket potatoe and oven-fresh baguette.


  • small salad as starter
  • 3 different kinds of meat from pork and beef and chicken
  • different homemade dips
  • julienne of fresh market vegetable of the season in a beef broth
  • oven-fresh baguette
  • jacket potatoe with herb curd

€ 33 per person

Tyrolean hat
Culinary delights with your friends