Important information for your holidays in Sulzberg

Before booking your holidays in our hotel, please have a look at the following important information:


In order to be able to prepare a beautifully laid table for your dinner, we kindly ask you to book a table before arrival. Thank you!

Arrival – Departure:

Your room is ready for you on the day of arrival from 2 pm. On the day of departure we ask you to leave your room until 11.00 am .


We will provide you with a bathrobe free of charge during your stay. You will find it in your room.
Bath slippers (available at the reception) € 2,-.

Indoor swimming pool

The indoor swimming pool is open from 06.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Local Tax

€ 1,- per person and day (up to 14 years)


From Monday to Friday from 07.00 - 10.00 am, Saturday and Sunday from 08.00 - 10.00 am.

Internet access

We offer free Wi-fi in our whole hotel.


In consideration of our other guests pets are not allowed in our hotel an restaurant.

Wellness & Sauna

If you want to use the sauna please inform our reception team ca. 30 min in advance so that we can switch it on.


Cash, EC card, bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Travel cancellation

Accommodation Agreement

Non-utilization or cancellation of booked hotel rooms

It is not by chance that a special, cordial relation is to be expected between the guest and the host. After all, hospitality is a decisive feature of the hotel industry and gastronomy. This relationship, however, is sometimes marred by legal disputes. It is often forgotten that prevailing legal regulations which apply to all areas of business life also apply to the hotel industry and gastronomy without limitations. This might be the reason why most people think that the booking of hotel rooms is some kind of "non-binding pre-request" which is obligatory for the host but which can be cancelled by the guest without any penalties.

In order to account for the necessary information and avoid eventual misunderstandings we provide a small, non-binding overview about the legal situation of non-utilization or cancellation of booked hotel rooms.

1. Accommodation Agreement

The Accommodation Agreement is a mixed contract with typcial basic elements of the rent law and of at least one other contract type, e.g. the purchase contract or the service contract. The contract is concluded with two corresponding - written or oral - declarations of intent, with offer and acceptance. Thereby, the statement, that someone wants to book a room, does not represent an invitation to the hotel to submit an offer. In fact, your statement already represents an offer to conclude an accommodation agreement. As soon as the accommodation provider accepts your room reservation, a binding accommodation contract is concluded.This is also valid even if the two parties have not already decided about all the principal contract components. Because the conclusion of the contract does not fail because the parties decide various single contract components later or because one contract partner decides when both show the willingness to do so.

The main content of the accommodation agreement is based on § 535 BGB (German Civil Code). According to this the hotel is obliged to provide the agreed hotel room for the rental period. On the other hand, the guest is obliged to pay the agreed room price.

The accommodation agreement is not to be treated in a different way as any other contract according to the civil law. Except to other agreements in the contract or in the general terms and conditions (GTC) the accommodation agreement can not be annulled one-sidedly by only one signatory party. Independent of time and reason of the cancellation there is no right to "cancellation" of a reservation. The booked hotel room which is held ready by the hotel has to be payed according to § 535 Satz 2 BGB (German Civil Code). This is also valid if the guests can not use the hotel room due to various reasons.

The fee guests have to pay although they cannot use the room is often indicated as "cancellation fee". If not indicated differently in the contract or the general terms and conditions the cancellation fee is no penalty for the cancellation of the hotel room. Instead, the cancellation fee numbers the consideration (room price) owed under the contract minus the spared expenditures by the hotel. According to § 552 Satz 2 BGB (German Civil Code) the hotel has to charge not accrued operational costs - e.g. board or the provision of bed linen - by the reduced amount of the claim. The amount of the charged savings complies with the concrete circumstances of the singular case. The jurisdiction regards the following saved expenditures from the price for overnight stays as appropriate:

  • at overnight stay/breakfast with general 20 %
  • at overnight stay/half board with general 30 %
  • at overnight stay/full board with general 40 %

The parties, however, are allowed to prove higher or lower savings.

In addition, the hotelier has to claim the credit for other benefits which might arise thanks to an otherwise rental of the room.

However, there is no basic commitment for the hotel to have to search for a substitute tenant if the hotel room has been cancelled. Nevertheless, the hotelier shouldn't act in breach of trust regarding the accommodation of other guests.

DEHOGA Referat Recht (DEHOGA: Professional association of hotels, deparment: law)
The author is lawyer and manager in the DEHOGA Bundesverband, Berlin

If you want to take out a travel insurance we recommend the European Travel Insurance.


Information Hotel Cancellation Plus
Information Hotel Cancellation Premium


  • If you cancel your holidays up to 8 weeks before arrival, we only charge an administrative fee of € 25,- per booked room.
  • If you cancel your holidays up to 4 weeks before arrival we charge a cancellation fee of 30 % of the booked price.
  • If you cancel your holidays between 4 weeks and 14 days before arrival we charge a cancellation fee of 50 % of the booked price.
  • If you cancel your holidays from 14 days to arrival we charge a cancellation fee of 80 % of the booked price.
  • In case of non-show or early departure we charge 100 % of the booked price.