Biking in the Allgäu

Biking in the Allgäu and around the Sulzberger Hof

Everything a cyclist's heart could ask for...

Leisurely explore the hilly foothills of the Alps or climb pulse-driving mountain passes? The varied choice of routes in the Allgäu makes every cycling heart beat faster! Whether on the e-bike, the mountain bike or on the road bike - from well paved roads on forest trails there is something for everyone!


Iller bike trail

Starting point: Martinszell
Duration: ca. 3 h
Length: ca. 35 km
Metres in altitude: 90 m

Biking for the young and the old! The Iller bike trails leads you away from the traffic mostly on unpaved roads. The structure and location of the trail near the river make it especially attractive for families and kids.

Seelina bike trail

Starting point: at the city hall in Sulzberg
Duration: ca. 3 h
Length: ca. 67 km
Metres in altitude: 302 m

At the more challenging Seelina bike trail you have to conquer 300 m in altitude: via the valley Illtertal you continue to bike across the plateau of Buchenberg to the Niedersonthofener lake. From there the trail takes you along the Northern shore of the Rottach lake.

Rottach lake tour

Starting point: Moosbach
Duration: ca. 1 h 15 min
Length: ca. 14 km
Metres in altitude: 56 m

You can go round the lake from the left and the right.

Bike fun – Mountain & E-Bikes in the Allgäu

Do you need a little help? Top modern e-bikes give you the chance to go on exciting bike tours in the Allgäu without much effort and strain. You can rent the e-bikes and mountainbikes in one of the numerous sports shops in the surrounding:

Our tip: Radsport Schaich in Sonthofen offers numerous possibilities to explore the surroundings on 2 wheels, classically or with an e-bike (please remember to reserve the bikes in good time).