Wellness in the Allgäu

We are pleased to pamper you with soothing massages! Choose the appropriate treatment from our broad offer!


Partial massage 30 min Back or leg massage € 42.00
Full-body massages 60 min Effective massage for diseases & disorders of the musculature characterised by changes in tone, circulatory & metabolic disorders, functional impairments & pain. € 75.00
Hot Stone 60 min Therapist massage with hot basalt stones. € 85.00
Foot reflexology 25 min Deep and efficient treatment for your feet. € 45.00
Lomi Lomi massage 80 min traditional Hawaiian massage form, with flowing movements and pleasant pressure. It aims to relieve physical tension and release mental blockages at the same time. € 120
Anti-cellulite massage 50 min Targeted techniques and special massage techniques stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the connective tissue structure. The result: firmer skin, reduced dimpling and an overall smoother appearance. € 70
Facial massage 20 min This massage relaxes the facial muscles, stimulates circulation and improves the appearance of the skin. € 28
Alternative individual offer 60 min Osteopathy & Health Prevention
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€ 120,00

NEW - Alternative individual offer

Through osteopathic treatments and health prevention to more physical well-being.


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Ayurvedic massages

(Full-body massage)
70 min Gentle massage from head to toe with warm liquid oil € 110.00
Ayurvedic back massage
40 min Your entire back, shoulder and neck musculature relaxes under the Ayurvedic massage strokes, which are performed with warm oils. € 70.00
(Foot and leg massage)
40 min For deep relaxation and wellbeing € 70.00
(Oil flow onto the front + Abhyanga)
90 min with warm liquid oil flowing gently on the forehead € 185.00
(Ayurvedic head massage)
40 min € 70.00
Dorn Breuß 60 min Gentle spinal & joint therapy. Displaced vertebrae are straightened without pain. The Breuss massage is a gentle back massage that releases blockages and initiates the regeneration of the intervertebral discs. of the intervertebral discs. This combination can already bring you relief with the first first treatment! € 95.00
Aroma Touch Massage 60 min with doTerra oils
to reduce stress, boost the immune system and reduce inflammatory reactions
€ 95.00
„Happy life“ package 60 min back massage, foot reflexology massage € 75.00